“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleonor Roosevelt


If you have made it to this page then you are dreaming of change for yourself and are seeking the tools to help you grow and bloom into the best version of yourself. You have come to the right place!

I am passionate about self healing and self development and the inate power we have to turn our lives from functional to fantastic. We can apply that to all aspects of our lives whether that is in our relationships with others or with ourselves, in our personal or professional lives.

We can think of wellness within four categories. The physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. When these are balanced our overall wellbeing is optmised as all our systems operate in harmony. Like roses we need the right blend of elements to thrive in order to grow into our full potential. We can also think of the body as an internal landscape and external lanscape. These worlds need to be operating in concert with each other for us to really have that "feel good" well ... feeling.

I fiercely believe that you have the ability achieve this for yourself.

Life Coaching Yoga & PT Sound & Reiki Events

“Watch your thoughts,they become your words,
watch your words, they become your actions,
watch your actions, they become your habits,
watch your habits, they become your character,
watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

Lao Tzu

About Me

I am Michelle Jane Thompson. I have had a yoga, self development and wellness practice for over twenty years turning my passion into a profession some years ago. My training includes multiple yoga qualifications, multiple coaching qualifitications, NLP, Mindfulness leading, somatic body work and massage, i'm also a qualified PT with diet and nutrition training as weill as being trained in sound vibrational therapeutic work amongst other things. I consider myself a life long learner and continue to study and educate myself so that I can best serve myself and my clients. If you're interested in you can chec out my qualification list.

I have had more struggles than some and less than others. I have lost both my parents after long battles with terminal illnesses as well has managing mental illness and conflict within the family. I have faced my own battles with depression and anxiety and struggles with food and had a long career in finance with came with it's own stresses. I understand how challenging life can be, i've been there!

All the training and tools I have have ensured that I never got stuck in being victim to the fates and was always able to take action and control and work on being whole. I stopped allowing life to be the effect of external circumstances and started being the cause of what I brought in. I have been able to go from just living to feeling luminous and believing that I could have everything in life I wanted.

Do I have the perfect life? NO!!!!! Am I a millionaire? No. Do I still have bouts of anxiety and depression? Yes. Do I still eat my feelings sometimes? Yep. Do I still mess up? Yes, regularly! But ... do I let my stories and experiences dictate my future? No. Do I have the tools to deal with those? Absolutely and do I feel like I am the star in my own life, and in control of my direction? "100% Yes!"

I have trained with some amazing teachers and truly belive in what I offer and I believe you can have the life that you want too, your biggest vision.
You are, after all, a work of art so treat yourself like a masterpiece.

“You may not control all the events that happen to you,
but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

Maya Angelou

Life Coaching

What Life Coaching Is

Coaching isn’t about becoming a different person, a new person, or even a better person. Coaching is a professional relationship that helps people take their life from OK to optimal. It’s about clearing the ways of being that are getting in your way so you can become the person you were meant to be. Coaching helps raiase your awareness, give you a healthy sense of perspective on where you are and facilitates you creating a plan that takes you towards your vision, whether that vision is to resolve self judgement or to create a new business.

Coaching works on the premise that you have the answers within you and takes you from functioning to fabulous within relationships, outlooks, career or business. It helps you identify and bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It offers you support through your transformation as well as accountability for your goals.

What Life Coaching Isn't

Advice giving, therapy, chit chat, venting, for people who aren’t functional, rescuing telling you what to do, baby sitting, punishment, shaming or judgement. It also isn;t friendship, friends won’t hold you accountable but your coach will.

Areas Life Coaching Can Help With

Coaching is not a substitute for medical advice or therapy. It can be helpful along side but should not be used as a replacement.

  • Anxiety
  • Overwhelm
  • Grief and loss
  • Loneliness
  • Depressive like symptoms
  • Lack of focus and motivation
  • Stress
  • Family Issues
  • Managing Change
  • Insomia
  • Procrastination
  • Mid-life challenges

  • Confidence
  • Financial Challenges
  • Relationship issues
  • Career change
  • Unhealthy habits
  • Anything blocking you from your dreams!

  • Me as a Coach

    I am a Transformational Life Coach trained in multiple style helping people evaluate their lives, find their vision and strategise how to make that happen. I take them out of automatic patterns and behaviours and helping them assess the choices that they are making. I work collaboratively with the my clients to get them out of stuckness and create movement and balance in their lifes. I have a compassionate but no nonsense style which means that you can expect to get results from our work together. My promise to you is that, at the end of our collaboration you will have found your path and worked out how to get there.

    Why Work With Me?

    Simply put I believe in you .... fiercely! I will call you out in your patterns and stories so you don't underestimate what you are capable of. I will help you get clarity on what you really want your life to look like and hold you accountable to the steps you commit to. I will help grow your confidence in bringing your ideas to life, both in your personal and professional life. Nothing stays the same. If you aren’t growing you are going backwards. That isn’t something I want for myself, or for you! Life is about growth, not perfection. If you want to grow, you must learn to step outside your comfort zone and I am committed to help you do that. I will help you achieve what you once believed was unattainable.

    What You Will Get Out of our Sessions

    The ability to breakout of overwhelm
    A safe,confidential and nurturing space to embrace change
    Stepping into the authentic, empowered, confident and thriving version of yourself
    Connect more deeply with yourself, your purpose, your needs and wellbeing requirements
    Become resourceful, resilient, fulfilled, and happy.

    Why not give me a call for a quick chat? I would love to hear from you and embark on the next chapter of your life with you.
    Phone 07462 075508 or email me michellejanehealing@gmail.com

    have a question? Book a 20 minute taster call Transformational Packages


    3 Week Package - £247


    3 forty five minute 1-2-1 sessions
    Weekly meditation
    Weekly materials to support your journey

    6 Week Package - £597


    30 minute vision and goals session
    6 x 60 minute 1-2-1 sessions
    Communication between calls to support you
    Weekly meditation
    Weekly materials to support your journey
    6 week "30 Days of Project You" self study plan

    12 Week Package - £947


    30 minute vision and goals session
    12 x 60 minute 1-2-1 sessions
    Communication between calls to support you
    Weekly meditation
    Weekly materials to support your journey
    10 week Non Violent Communication course
    10 week "50 Days of Project You" self study plan
    Complementary 20 minute wrap up call

    “Don’t let others tell you what you can’t do. Don't let the limitations of others limit your vision. If you can remove your self-doubt and believe in yourself, you can achieve what you never thought possible.” ―

    Roy T. Bennett

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    Private Yoga and Personal Training

    Private Yoga

    Whether you are rehabilitating an injuring, looking to start or improve your practice or simply want to treat yourself, private online classes are a great way to give your yoga practice some personal attention. Zoom classes from the privacy of your own home and the option to share this with a friend or partner for an additional surcharge. Free 15 minute consultation call to discuss your needs is included in the price and the class will be customised to your needs, whether you want to find some inner peace or revive your arm balances.

    Personal Training

    For anyone looking to creating change and long lasting results or those simply looking to kick start their fitness. As well as helping you chage the physical we can work together on the mental aspects of fitnes and well as educating you along the way so that you can apply this learning to your daily habits.

    £40 per 45 minutes
    £200 for 6 classes (6th class is free)
    Sessions can be shared for a small surcharge

    Sound and Reiki

    Gong & Himalayan Bowl Treatment

    These sessions start with a short guidedmeditation, breathing techniques and intention setting in order to assist your shift into healing. Then you are bathed in the sound vibrations of various gongs, sound bowls, chimes and other instruments. A personal gong and sound bath enables the practitioner to tune into your energy and delivery a bespoke intuitive treatment. It is relaxing, restorative and rejeuvinating and an incredibly deep meditative experiencing.

    Crystal Sound Treatment

    The playing of different crystal bowls, creates a beautiful, etherial and angelic soundscape that put you into a deep sense of well-being. This creates a space for the healing and harmonising to take place between the mind body and spirit and vibrates through all layers of the body and balances the chakras. The experience of silence allows the spiritual sound vibrations to be absorbed and integrated before returning to the outside world. This is a truly magical way to experience the power of sound therapy.


    Reiki meaning Universal Lifeforce Energy, is a system of natural healing from the energies present in living things around us. Reiki is a wonderfully gentle and relaxing healing system thought to help the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It can be channeled through the body, through to our chakra’s (energy centres in the body), endocrine glands and organs. Reiki can be transmitted at a distance so can be received in your own home. It is a perfect non-invasive way to receive heeling during lockdown.

    £40 per 45 minutes session
    £200 for 6 sessions (6th class is free)
    Sessions can be shared for a small surcharge

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    GYST Online Life Coaching Challenge
    Date : 16th - 22nd May
    Cost : $47, Earlybird $29 (offer ends 1st May)

    SPIRITUAL, ABUNDANCE and WELLNESS GROWTH! Get coached by me in this truly life changeing challenge.
    This includes private coaching, live group classes and magical breakthroughs. Check out the facebook page for more details.
    https://www.getyourselftogetherchallenge.com - (please state that you want to be coached by me when booking)

    SELF LOVE, SELF CARE Online Retreat
    Date : Next Date TBC
    Cost : TBC

    Offering you a relaxing, rebalancing and restorative afternoon of yoga, meditation and other gorgeous stuff. The emphasis is on taking some time out and giving yourself some love, care and rest in order to reconnect to that place of inner peace and calm and put aside the stresses and strains of life right now. Over the afternoon you will experience a variety of treatments including yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, guided self massage, sound experience and overall chilling out.

    'Coaching with Michelle made me realise that I am in control and empowered. Michelle helped me to understand that I am greater than my doubts and I can achieve and succeed. I absolutely recommend Michelle's coaching service.' - Kate

    'Thank you for the session. I really enjoyed it. It was not something that I had tried before, so had no idea of what to expect. I was quite surprised at the level of information that we were able to achieve during such a short time.' - Diane

    'I had a session yesterday and it really drilled down into why I was holding myself back and what I have to do to move forward. I would highly recommend.' - Kat

    'I just had a session and it was super helpful. Highly recommend.' - Annette


    Life Coaching

  • 20 minute discovery call - FREE!
  • 3 week bronze package - £247
  • 6 week silver package - £597
  • 12 week gold package - £947

    More information on Life Coaching Packages

    Wellness and Sound Treatments

  • £40 45min session, (includes a 15 complementary consultation)
  • £200 6x 45min session, (includes a 15 complementary consultation, 6th class is free)
  • 6 week packages can be mix and match accross treatments package
  • Sessions can be shared for a small surcharge

    Get In Touch

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  • (UK) 07462 075508

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  • Life Coaching Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Mindfulness
  • CBT
  • NLP
  • L3 Personal Instructor
  • L2 Gym Instructor
  • Walk Leader
  • Barre Exercise Teacher

  • Pilates Instructor
  • SUP Yoga
  • Thai Massage
  • Thai Foot Massage
  • Teaching Meditation
  • Oriental Hand Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Yoga for the menopause
  • Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training

  • Hatha Yoga 200hr Teacher Training
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Yin Yoga
  • Crystal Healing
  • Gong Practitioner
  • Shamanic Drum Practitioner
  • Kirtan Leader
  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Terms and Conditions

    “There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.” ―

    Kenneth Blanchard


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    Bookings are reserved upon enquiry and secured once payment has been received. Payment is to be made within the specified time after which the reservation is released and the spot re-adertised. Earlybird bookings fare not eligible for refunds with the exception that if a waiting list exists and the spot can be re-sold the fee paid less a 10% admin fee will be refunded. Cancellations made within 24hr notice policy are not eligible for refunds. If the booking is part of a package the session will be forfeit. Cancellations made within 7 days of the event are eligible for a 50% refund less a 10% admin fee. Bookings are not transferable without prior arrangement. Oviously life happens and exceptions will be addresses on a case by case basis. Out of consideration for myself and other attendees please be aware that if you are more than 5 minutes late for any session the session will be forfeit. I reserve the right to change the class schedule, including cancellation of individual classes and change of instructor without notice I am not responsible for loss or damage to a Member’s personal belongings, these are your responsibility. Members are responsible for their own health and wellfare. Those with health issues should not attend class until they have written permission from their doctor. If there is any doubt, the Member should consult his doctor. Members must notify the me of any circumstances affecting their health, and update me at the start of the session if circumstances in their health has changed.


    The client understands that with any treatment the risk of injury, however small, is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. If pain or discomfort is experienced then the client will listen to their body and inform me and stop immediately. The client acknowledges that coaching, yoga, massage and other therapies are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. They are also aware that they are responsible for doing their own research and consulting a doctor before undertaking any session. The client understands that these treatments are not safe under certain medical conditions and take full responsibility for making the informed decision before commencing. They hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that they have now or hereafter may have against Michelle Jane Thompson ​

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